Prevalence of ADHD in Accident Victims: Results of the PRADA Study.

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Prevalence of ADHD in Accident Victims: Results of the PRADA Study.

J Clin Med. 2019 Oct 08;8(10):

Authors: Kittel-Schneider S, Wolff S, Queiser K, Wessendorf L, Meier AM, Verdenhalven M, Brunkhorst-Kanaan N, Grimm O, McNeill R, Grabow S, Reimertz C, Nau C, Klos M, Reif A

BACKGROUND: Recent research has shown an increased risk of accidents and injuries in ADHD patients, which could potentially be reduced by stimulant treatment. Therefore, the first aim of our study was to evaluate the prevalence of adult ADHD in a trauma surgery population. The second aim was to investigate accident mechanisms and circumstances which could be specific to ADHD patients, in comparison to the general population.
METHODS: We screened 905 accident victims for ADHD using the ASRS 18-item self-report questionnaire. The basic demographic data and circumstances of the accidents were also assessed.
RESULTS: Prevalence of adult ADHD was found to be 6.18% in our trauma surgery patient sample. ADHD accident victims reported significantly higher rates of distraction, stress and overconfidence in comparison to non-ADHD accident victims. Overconfidence and being in thoughts as causal mechanisms for the accidents remained significantly higher in ADHD patients after correction for multiple comparison. ADHD patients additionally reported a history of multiple accidents.
CONCLUSION: The majority of ADHD patients in our sample had not previously been diagnosed and were therefore not receiving treatment. The results subsequently suggest that general ADHD screening in trauma surgery patients may be useful in preventing further accidents in ADHD patients. Furthermore, psychoeducation regarding specific causal accident mechanisms could be implemented in ADHD therapy to decrease accident incidence rate.

PMID: 31597400 [PubMed]