Webinar ADHD & Women

October 2020 = ADHD Awareness Month starts with inviting you to join this webinar
Organised by the ADHD in Women project, a partnership between the associations
ADHS Deutschland and ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium and ADHD Europe

Webinar – Women, ADHD and Hormones
Thursday, October 1st at 20:00-21:00 CET
Guest speaker, expert psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij

This webinar is relevant for girls and women with AD(H)D, their peers, partners and family as well as professionals and caregivers.

Webinar – Women, ADHD and Hormones

Prof. Sandra Kooij will share information in her presentation that is crucial to better understand how AD(H)D presents in girls and women and give us an update on statistics, and late or delayed diagnosis in girls and women. Questions, such as: “What has unwanted teenage pregnancy to do with the executive/cognitive functions of AD(H)D in girls and women?” will be addressed, as well as the overlap of AD(H)D with the premenstrual syndrome (PMS & PMDD), migraine, menarche (onset of puberty) and the onset of menopause. In the discussion, we may also dig into the role of our mainly male-dominant society and what this means even for scientific research.

Last but not least, Sandra Kooij will share practical advice with the participants.

About the speaker
Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij has done research on adult ADHD for decades.
She is a Professor at the Amsterdam University, VU Medical Centre, and is head of the Research Centre for adult ADHD at the PsyQ Institute in The Hague (NL)

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Hans van de Velde, your host and interviewer
Viljo Wilding, moderator and technical advise