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ADHD as a Risk Factor for Infection With Covid-19

Eugene Merzon (1,2) Iris Manor (2,3), Ann Rotem (3), Tzipporah Schneider (4), Shlomo Vinker (1,2), Avivit Golan Cohen (1,2), Ari Lauden (1), Abraham Weizman (2,3,5) and Ilan Green (1,2) Abstract Background: ADHD limits the ability to comply with Covid-19 prevention recommendations. We hypothesized that ADHD constitutes a risk factor for Covid-19 infection and that pharmacotherapy…

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ADHD as a fluctuating condition

By Peik Gustafsson Short comment The authors challenge the notion that approximately 50% of children with ADHD outgrow the disorder by adulthood. Few studies have studied remission, recurrence, and recovery. Many studies have only given single-time snapshots with a definition of remission as “failing to meet DSM criteria” without reference to subtype of ADHD or…

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