APSARD 2016 Annual Meeting Preview Videos

APSARD Meeting Overview Jeffrey Newcorn, MD Plus: ADHD in Adults over Age Fifty, David Goodman, MD ADHD and Substance Abuse, Brooke Molina, PhD ADHD and Bipolar Disorder in Children, Joseph Biederman, MD Working Memory Deficits and ADHD, Joseph Biederman, MD How ADHD grew up, Ronald Kessler, PhD Mono Therapy v. Poly Pharmacy, Joe Blader, PhD…

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The Relationships between ADHD and Social Functioning and Participation in Older Adults in a Population-Based Study

Comments on abstract by Taina Lehtonen Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does not disappear with age. I think this is an important paper because it highlights, once again, the dangers of not recognising and treating ADHD in a lifespan perspective and specificallly in old age ADHD. The burden of social loneliness, being divorced/never married, having less…

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Can we treat cocaine dependence in adults with ADHD with amphetamines?

Abstract chosen: Levin FR, Mariani JJ, Specker S, Mooney M, Mahony A, Brooks DJ, Babb D, Bai Y, Eberly LE, Nunes EV, Grabowski J. Extended-Release Mixed Amphetamine Salts vs Placebo for Comorbid Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Cocaine Use Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Psychiatry. 2015 Jun;72(6):593-602. Short comment: One of the most complicate clinical…

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