Stefano Pallanti , MD. PhD.

Dr. Stefano Pallanti is a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. He directs the first Applied Precision Medicine program on ADHD life span and is a brain stimulation team member. He is an executive committee fellow and the Scientific Board of European College of Neuropsychopharmacology fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a DSM- Advisor for the OCD Spectrum workgroup, a founder of the Clinical TMS Society, an honorary professor at Mount Sinai Hospital, Albert Einsten Hospital, and Imperial College. He is a tenured professor at the University of Florence.

As a PI and co-PI of over ten funded studies, he currently conducts as a co-PI a 2017 – 2019 NIMH R21 grant modulating inhibitory control networks in gambling disorder with Theta Burst Stimulation. He is director of the Istituto di Neuroscienze Firenze. He has authored 173 papers on peer-reviewed journals and 14 books, including a manual for the APP. His H INDEX is 50 as of October 2018.
Work Address
Via A. Lamarmora 24, Firenze, Italy
Professor, Stanford University, CA, USA
Adjunct Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA
Visiting Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA
Visiting Professor, Imperial College, London, UK
Tenured Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Florence, Italy
Stefano Pallanti
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