Liane Kaufmann , Dr.habil.

Senior researcher, mayor degree in psychology. Specialty areas: Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist
Work Address
Head of Clinical Neuropsychology, Department of Neurology and Clinical Neuropsychology, Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum, Potsdam, Germany
My interest in adult ADHD:
(i) my early research focus was on learning disabilities in children (mainly dyscalculia, also including attentional disorders and ADHD),
(ii) however, during the past 10 years I worked as a clinical neuropsychological (and research assistant) with adult psychiatric patients (including adult ADHD),
(iii) at my current position at the University of Innsbruck I am about to establish a service center for students with ADHD, autism and learning disorders (this work is funded by the regional government (state of Tyrol).
This service center aims at providing diagnosis-specific information, assessment and support to affected students. Furthermore, the service center will also be used for training purposes (of psychology students) and as research lab.
(iv) my main research interests in adult ADHD concern the neurocognitive characterization of cognitive and emotional control functions (in particular in relation to potential overlaps and specifities to ASD in adults). Beyond fine-grained behavioral testing methods, we aim to utilize Eye-Tracking and structural brain imaging.