Tomasz Kowalczyk , MD.

I completed my specialization training in psychiatry at the Clinical Psychiatric Department of the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw, one of the first community mental health service centres in Poland.
In my practice I aim to provide proper treatment for adults with ADHD alone as well as a co-morbidity of anxiety, mood, personality or substance abuse disorders. For the later, misdiagnosis and omission of ADHD-related symptoms often leads to inefficient interventions and only partial recoveries.
I am interested in improving clinical outcomes by means of targeted, symptom specific pharmacotherapies as well as utilizing the potential of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Work Address
Dr Sulik Mental Health and Neuromodulation Clinic ul Smolna 34/26, Warsaw, Poland 00-375
- Harmonia Poradnia Zdrowia Psychicznego ul. Kopernika 21/2, 00-359 Warsaw